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Your child doesn’t see board at school, has problems with reading books and writing.

How can we help visually impaired child when we have to do with serious vision disorder? Child only reads and writes from small distance. First desk at school doesn’t solve the problem because student can see from a dozen or several dozens of centimetres. Student lies on a desk while writing.

Exigo helps to solve this problem through zooming board’s content directly in front of face. The device was designed in a way that enables student to follow board and book at the same time. It is possible due to using 2 screens and 2 cameras. User doesn’t have to switch between image from near and far. Student takes part in lesson actively, can observe teachers, their facial expression, smile, gestures.

Advantages of magnifier Exigo:

  • 2 cameras and 2 screens – student can see near and far at the same time
  • big A3+ formats operation – each book and exercise fits below it, even maps
  • camera for nearness is installed in a way that makes us see where we write
  • there is no additional device (computer) necessary during remote learning – on top screen there is image from lesson, on low screen there is work with book
  • easy, intuitive in operation
  • movable

You have problem at work, you can’t read documents and everyone complains that you work slowly, you are worried about losing your job.

Movable magnifier Spider is a perfect device to work and study at home. Comfortable and safe bag enables transporting magnifier from home to work or school. It doesn’t take much space on desk. When used with screen with adjustable height it enables working with documents and business computer. It is convenient for work and handicrafts. The magnifier doesn’t demand OCR-ing documents.

While getting older your vision acuity got much worse. Glasses don’t help, you can’t read, do handicrafts. You feel that life puts you aside.

Diseases acquired with age such as macular degeneration AMD or cataract reduce our efficiency significantly. Scotoma, lack of vision acuity, photophilia exclude from many activities. Needlework, reading, manicure or minor electronical repairs are out of the question. Magnifiers Spider or Pulchra Es with big screen and movable arm may come to the assistance. Due to those tools, you don’t have to quit your favourite activities.

Your child has problems with reading and writing. Child is lying on book or notebook during doing homework.

Visually impaired children most frequently read lying on book, because of visual limitations. Writing looks similarly. When it comes to girls, book is frequently covered by hair that comes down. However, they only are able to read in such a way. It causes serious problems with spine over time. It is cervical that is the most vulnerable. Posture defects, spinal curvature are many parents’ troubles. Parents buy electronical magnifying glasses to help children. As a result of such solution child is lying on a magnifying glass. Magnifying glass shows text in magnification but it lies on the book and child’s position is the same. Magnifying glasses are great solutions during travelling, shopping, in tram but they hardly ever are suitable for studying. Magnifier Spider or Exigo causes that child no longer lies on desk and text is shown in front on child’s eyes. Child reads in comfortable position, doesn’t have to lie on book as it was so far. Instead, child can lie on the floor while reading.

Your child doesn’t want to use magnifier, is ashamed of it.

Magnifiers Spider and Exigo are based on electronic’s newest inventions. They are using Android operating system which is popular among children and young people. This is the reason why they choose those devices willingly. Their friends even envy them owned equipment. Not only simplifies magnifier studying and reading but also entertains. We can use each instant messenger f. ex. Messenger, WhatsApp, social media, Facebook, Instagram, listen to our favourite music via Spotify or YouTube, have access to Library for Visually Impaired and Blind collection of audiobooks, send e-mails and surf the net. Magnifier becomes your child’s best friend almost instantly.

You don’t know whether magnifier will be appropriate for your child. You have difficulty in convincing school to reasonableness of such purchase.

The only way to find out whether magnifier is helpful is testing it in reality – in your child’s classroom. You can make an appointment with us at school or we can lend you magnifier. If after activation student starts reading everything from board while sitting in 3rd or 4th row, nobody will need to be convinced longer. Each teacher and headmaster who is concerned for child’s welfare will do everything to buy such appliance. Schools dispose of additional education subsidy for children with certificate of special education need. Owing to this subsidy, school may be adapted to child’s needs.


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