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"It's kind of fun to do
impossible." 🙂

Walt Disney

We are Polish manufacturer and distributor of electronic magnifying devices for people with vision dysfunction. We carry out corresponding courses about use of specialistic equipment and promote knowledge regarding its functions and applications. Congruently, giving classes for tyflopedagogs at universities and for high school students we propagate facts regarding our equipment offer and information related to situation and needs of people with disabilities. We collaborate with the leading specialistic care centers for children and youth with impaired vision or blind in Poland and out of the country. Additionally, we provide courses for psychological-pedagogical out-patients clinics across Poland.Our end users are persons with serious vision dysfunctions, e.g., Stargardt disease, age-related macular degradation (AMD) or achromatopsia. Our company has developed device unique on a global scale, i.e., dual-screen magnifier Exigo, which enable students to work simultaneously in the far and close vision range. We offer also several other devices suitable for study and professional work. Our magnifying devices have been successfully applied for diagnosis of persons with vision disfunctions, too.

M.Bauer, R.Biegański


MIRAcle Robert Bieganski
Malgorzata Bauer Sp.J.
ul.Piotrkowska 145
Lodz 90-434, Poland

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