General warranty conditions

The Marketing Authorisation Holder is MIRAcle Robert Biegański Małgorzata Bauer sp.j. hereinafter referred to as Guarantor. Warranty is provided under the conditions stated below.

  1. Warranty period is 2 years from the date stated on receipt and warranty card. Warranty period for batteries is 6 months.
  2. Physical defects of product resulting from causes inherent in purchased appliance which revealed during warranty period will be repaired free-of-charge in possibly short period, no longer than 14 days from delivering the appliance to service center.
  3. User has the law to have the product replaced with a new, faultless one in following cases:
    1. Within the warranty period, 3 repair services demanding components replacement were made and the product is still faulty
    2. The service stated in writing that faults are not repairable
  4. Conditions of warranty service:
    1. The product is delivered in original packaging or other that protects appliance during transport
    2. Properly filled in warranty card is attached
    3. The receipt is provided
  5. Warranty does not cover:
    1. Mechanical damages and defects caused by them
    2. Damages resulting from usage and storage which was improper, not in accordance with the manual
    3. Damages caused by: liquid inundation, moisture, too high or too low temperature, lighting, chemical factors
    4. Damages of product which was reworked, repaired without authorization and which software was changed by buyer or third-parties
    5. Damages resulting from normal usage such as: dirt, abrasion, label’s and varnish rubbing etc.
  6. Repair time may be extended because of independent reasons such as: natural disasters, social anxiety and in case it is necessary that the product is sent to service center abroad.
  7. For all matters not covered by the provisions of warranty, relevant provisions of Polish Civil Code shall apply.
  8. The warranty does not exclude, restrict or suspend Buyer’s entitlement which arise from non-compliance with the Contract of Sale.

Application for repair should be submitted:

  • Via website:
  • To our headquarters at 145 Piotrkowska Street, 90-434 Łódź
  • By phone 426363838

Reporting problems

To report any problem with functioning of appliances please call our helpline or use contact form. Please become familiar with advice provided above before notifying. Solution to difficulty you encountered may have been described and/or provided in video presentation.

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MIRAcle Robert Bieganski
Malgorzata Bauer Sp.J.
ul.Piotrkowska 145
Lodz 90-434, Poland

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