Pearl 5 is a unique electronic magnifier whose heart is an ultra-fast smartphone. Its design enhances and improves the best features available in “traditional electronic magnifiers”. It boasts features and functions unseen in other magnifiers. The detachable stand weighs merely 100g and a handle is lined with a hand-stitched genuine leather.

This is the only electronic magnifier with a reading line guide to help a reader stay on the line while reading. It can even be used for distance viewing. For increased portability, the stand can be removed without compromising the quality of the magnified image. A magnifier that you will always have on you sets new standards.

An intuitive menu features various non-standard settings absent in other electronic magnifiers: custom color schemes, different sizes and colors of the line markers and visible areas (masks). The device remembers defined settings. The built-in OCR system allows for text recognition and speech output.

The powerful MIRAcle app does not affect the settings in your tablet equipped with accessibility options such as system magnification and TalkBack (a screen reader).


  • 55x near and distance viewing magnification
  • MiraSlide* technology for helping the user to stay on the line
  • image freeze with magnification
  • 9 pre-defined color schemes and custom color schemes
  • visible area adjustment (mask)
  • saving unlimited number of images
  • line marker
  • an ergonomic stand for setting the magnifier at the comfortable angle
  • sAMOLED 5.1″ 1920 x 1080 (FHD) display
  • CMOS, 16 Mpix camera
  • wireless image projection on a TV or computer screen
  • battery life up to 5 hours
  • weight: 110g, with a phone 252g
  • dimensions: 7x14x7 cm, length with a handle 20 cm


What’s in the box: Samsung Galaxy S5, Pearl Lens stand, carrying case, screen cleaning cloth, reading line guide, charger, instruction, audio quick guide.