The first and only two-screen magnifier for distance viewing and desktop tasks. Highly recommended for students and learners.

We have observed people with low vision use their magnifiers. We attempted to understand their needs and wants. We have understood what school children and their parents are struggling with. As a response to our research findings we designed and developed Exigo. Exigo is the only magnifier that lets a student simultaneously read the whiteboard and read and write their notes on the desk. 2 cameras and 10.5” displays ensure comfort and ease of use. One camera is for distance viewing, while the other one for desktop tasks. There is no need to switch between two modes. The learner does not waste time having to rotate the camera and trying to find text to be read. A wide range of angle and height adjustment makes using the magnifier comfortable for shorter and taller users. Exigo grows with school children! Thanks to the Pearl Lens combined with a CMOS 8MP camera and 25x magnification level, the user will see clearly even the finest detail. The MiraSlide technology makes writing, reading and text navigation a smooth ride.

Exigo possesses an unprecedented distance viewing magnification. The magnification level depends on the distance from the object and the lens. Needless to say, the user can read a business card from a distance of 8 m, and a student can read text on the whiteboard or the projector screen in the lecture hall from as far as 20 m.

The user can change a variety of parameters in the MIRAcle application menu both for distance and near viewing: font size, color schemes, color and size of the line marker, visible area (mask), color and number of icons visible on the display. The app allows the user to freeze an image and save it in the memory of the device.

Exigo is equipped with a built-in OCR for text recognition and speech output. Text displayed on the screen is read out loud by a synthetic voice. The MiraText option allows for a transfer of the text right to the computer screen. Because the app connects to the drive in the cloud, screenshots are automatically available on other devices. For example, homework or school activities captured by the camera are immediately available on a home computer.

The powerful MIRAcle app does not affect the settings in your tablet equipped with accessibility options such as system magnification and TalkBack (a screen reader).


  • 25x magnification
  • MiraSlide* technology for helping the user to stay on the line
  • image freeze with magnification
  • 9 pre-defined color schemes and custom color schemes
  • visible area adjustment (mask)
  • line marker
  • wireless communication with computer
  • access to the cloud Drive
  • OCRed text transfer to the computer screen
  • SD card reader (up to 128GB)
  • battery life up to 5 hours
  • 5” 2560 x 1600 (WQXGA) display
  • CMOS 8.0 Mpix camera
  • weight 1585g
  • dimensions (folded): 45×18 x10 cm
  • dimensions (unfolded): 53x31x16 cm

What’s in the box: Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5”, USB cable, carrying case, screen cleaning cloth, charger, instruction.

*MiraSlide technology is a magnifier guiding system that makes reading smooth and comfortable helping the user stay on the line while reading.